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Shengyang battery used for uninterrupted power supply

What kind of San Yang battery is used in UPS?

At present, most of the continuous power systems sold on the market are lead-acid batteries without adding water and maintenance. Shengyang batteries are sealed, and their interior is pasty material, which uses chemical changes to generate energy. For general consumers, in addition to being easy to use and maintain, such batteries can easily obtain the same battery products on the market if they need to be replaced.

How long is the storage life of Shengyang battery?

The source of power supply for the uninterruptible power system comes from the discharge of the Shengyang battery inside. In addition to the external environmental factors, the aging of batteries is caused by internal chemical changes. Even if the battery is placed aside, the battery will still be aging. As far as general experience is concerned, the life of the battery is 2-3 years.

How to maintain Shengyang battery?

Regular battery charging and discharging is very important for battery maintenance. If you choose battery detection function, you can perform this function on a regular basis. If this function is not available, the plug of UPS power input can be removed to simulate the power interruption, and then observe whether the battery discharge time is enough? If not, we can consider replacing the battery to maintain sufficient discharge time when the power interruption, so as to facilitate the complete closure of file storage and system.

Where can we replace Shengyang storage battery?

When the UPS you choose needs to be replaced by Shengyang Battery, you can contact the dealer service point of the product or dial 400-612-6008.

Shengyang battery maintenance, how long is life?

1. Normally, the Shengyang battery is charged and discharged every 3-6 months, and the charging time of the standard machine should be no less than 10 hours after discharging.

2. UPS is not used for a long time and should be charged once every 3~6 months.

3. The operating environment of Shengyang batteries requires that the temperature should be between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius to avoid direct sunlight and keep it clean.

4. Usually at room temperature, the floating charge life of sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries is 3-5 years in normal use.

UPS can we use water battery?

Yes, but users are advised to use Shengyang free to maintain batteries. Because there may be factors such as user forgetting to add water, acid water flowing out of battery or bad discharge of battery gas in use, which may cause the necrosis of Shengyang battery or affect the normal operation of UPS load. In addition, Shengyang UPS charger is designed for the characteristics of lead-acid batteries, so it is not suitable for other types of batteries.

What is the configuration of UPS backup batteries?

Because the discharge time of batteries is related to discharge current, ambient temperature, load type, discharge rate, battery capacity and other factors, the actual discharge time can not be deduced directly by formula. The maximum discharge current formula of the battery is provided.

I= (Pcos Pcos) / (ETA Ei)

P is the nominal output power of UPS.

....Cos phi is the load power factor, PC, the server generally takes 0.6~0.7;

The efficiency of the inverter is 0.8.

.Ei is the terminal voltage of battery discharge, generally referring to the voltage of battery pack.

By substituting the specific data into the upper formula, the maximum discharge current of the battery can be calculated, and the corresponding discharge time can be found from the relationship between discharge time and discharge current at each temperature of the battery. Please note that the total discharge current value is obtained here. When multiple batteries are connected, the discharge current value of a single battery is required.

Can UPS choose alkaline batteries?

This problem is divided into two situations: first, users need the monitoring software of Shengyang. In this case, after using alkaline batteries, the battery parameters displayed by the monitoring software will be different from the actual situation. This will bring difficulties to users. Two, users do not need Shengyang's software. The discharge characteristics of alkaline batteries differ greatly from those of acid batteries. From battery discharge to alarm point (UPS calls per second) to UPS automatic shutdown time is very short, users need to pay special attention in the use process; in addition, alkaline batteries usually need to add liquid (usually once every two years), user use is inconvenient.


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