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Shengyang battery green energy promotes healthy and sustainable development of the industry

The 8th Fourth Membership Conference and Fourth Council of Lead-acid Battery Branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association were held in Changxing, Zhejiang Province. At the meeting, Shengyang Power Supply was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Collective, Five-Star Enterprise of Industry Quality and Famous Brand of China Lead-acid Battery Industry" in 2017, and Mr. Song Bin, chairman of the board of directors, was awarded the honorary title of "Industry Leader".

The theme of the conference is "New Age, New Energy, New Journey". Nearly 200 industry experts and outstanding enterprise representatives attended the conference. They made in-depth analysis, research and Discussion on the new mission entrusted to lead-acid battery industry by the new era, the new future of new energy-carrying circular economy, and how to stride forward a new journey of development. We all agree that revolutionary innovation is the first major issue facing the development of the industry. Material innovation, technological innovation, technological innovation and so on. Only by innovation can the industry constantly overcome the bottleneck of development and grasp the opportunities for development. Intelligent manufacturing is a national development strategy, but also an important topic for the development of lead-acid battery industry. The industry should keep pace with the times, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, which is the only way for the healthy development of the industry.

Shengyang Power has always been focusing on the development of new energy sources. For more than 20 years, Shengyang Power has been taking green energy as the development concept, persistently focusing on innovation, promoting high quality and sustainable development of enterprises, and has played a positive role in promoting the development of the industry. It has been awarded the advanced collective title of China's lead-acid battery industry for many years.

Faced with the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, Shengyang Power will adhere to the basic strategy of "new energy, new technology, internationalization, cross-border" and strive to become a first-class domestic and international leading green energy manufacturer to promote the healthy and green development of lead-acid battery industry.


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