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Laoshan Mountain IDC room construction project

Shandong Unicom Internet Data Center is based on China Unicom's first-class data network environment, designed and constructed according to international first-class standards of China Netcom core Internet data center. The center has built high-quality and high-standard IDC computer rooms at Jinan and Qingdao nodes, the two backbone nodes in China, to provide IDC customers with high-reliability, security, scalable, manageable high-level data storage services and other value-added services, to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for enterprises to access the Internet, enterprises. Industry IT management provides professional services.

Qingdao Laoshan IDC computer room construction project procurement of Shengyang battery 12v150Ah, located in Laoshan District, Qingdao Zhuzhou Road 168, in accordance with the five-star computer room standard construction, the total area of the computer room 21313 square meters, is the largest single computer room of China Unicom Group, the number of design racks 3500, 750 sets of existing racks. In July 2012, Laoshan IDC Computer Room Phase I officially put into production, and was officially awarded by the group "video cloud data center" and "five-star data center".

Project configuration

Shengyang SPG12-150


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