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Shengyang battery maintenance rules

Shengyang battery maintenance rules

1. Battery room requirements

Battery installation should be far away from heat sources and spark prone places, such as transformers, power switches or fuses, with a safe distance of more than 0.5 meters. The indoor temperature should be kept at around 25 C. Batteries should be protected from direct sunlight. There is no organic solvent or corrosive gas in the installation environment. The battery surface and electrodes should be cleaned at any time, and rust preventive measures should be taken. Switch rooms should have separate battery rooms.

The contents of regular inspection of batteries are as follows:

End voltage;

Whether there is any loosening, heating and corrosion in the connection (clean up in time and anti rust measures well);

Whether the battery shell has leakage or deformation;

Whether there is any acid mist around the pole and safety valve (frosting).

Two. Initial use

Sealed batteries need not be charged before they are used, but supplementary charging should be done. Supplementary charging should adopt the method of current limiting and constant voltage charging. The charging voltage should be carried out according to the instructions. Generally, the voltage and charging time of supplementary charging should be as follows:

Monomer cell voltage (V)

Charging time (H)

Two point two three

2~3 days

2.30 ~ 2.33V

1~2 days

The charging time should be adjusted at other temperature conditions. If the ambient temperature is between 10 and 20 C, the charging time should be doubled, and if the ambient temperature is higher than 25 C, the charging time should be shortened.

Three. Floating charge voltage

When the ambient temperature is 20-29 C, the average floating charge voltage of the battery is 2.23 volts per cell. The floating charge voltage can be determined according to the following criteria in different temperature ranges:

Ambient temperature (c)

Floating charge voltage (V)


Two point two nine


Two point two six


Two point two three


Two point two zero

Four. Equalizing voltage

The average charge voltage of the storage battery can be set to 2.30 to 2.33V/.

Floating charging voltage is less than 2.18V/battery. After 50% capacity of battery is released, it is suggested to charge for 2-3 days under manual charging. If it is still unrecoverable, please contact us.

When more than 20% of the rated capacity is released, it should be automatically charged.

10 weeks automatic charge each time.

Automatic equalization time is set to 15h.

Five, others

After discharge, the battery should be recharged immediately, so as not to be able to recover the capacity due to too long shelving.

Batteries should avoid excessive or minimal current discharge, discharge voltage should not be lower than the battery termination voltage, to avoid deep discharge.

The safety valve should not be opened in normal batteries, so as to avoid affecting the safety and reliability of batteries.

When connecting batteries in series, parallel and loading or unloading, short circuit of batteries should be prevented. The tools used must be insulated and the connecting bolts must be tightened.

Batteries with capacity below 80% of the rated value should be


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