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Shengyang power supply for 2018 CCTV Mid Autumn Festival.

The 2008 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, which attracts the attention of hundreds of millions of Chinese people all over the world, has come to an end. The wonderful programs and the beautiful stage make the audience at the scene and in front of the TV enjoyable and memorable.

Behind the gorgeous stage, there is the guardian of Shengyang power.

Shengyang Power undertakes the backup power supply guarantee task for the whole evening party, providing ten power supply guarantee system for the stage, lighting, sound, guide and live broadcast of the evening party, and undertakes the task of rectification and power reserve. For this reason, the company has formulated the "CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Customized Prepared Power Project Design" and set up a special working group to provide reliable, high-quality power system solutions for the program.

There are many equipments in the live program group, and the installation environment is complex. After many on-site investigations, the equipment installation scheme has been worked out. In September 10th, the power supply equipment was shipped to the autumn and evening scene, and the equipment was installed and debugged in September 20th. According to the unified deployment of the CCTV working group, many times before the meeting to conduct combat drills, optimize operating parameters, to ensure 0 seconds switching, power reserve security is safe. Most of the equipment installed in the outdoor open air environment, in the commissioning, drilling period, withstood the test of successive days of rainy weather.

From rehearsals to live broadcasting, Shengyang power supply staff adhere to the standby security position, always watching the operation of equipment. When the exciting programs are staged, when the audience cheers, melody in the wave, when the whole scene immersed in the joy of the two phases of the moon, the service staff is on duty as if walking on thin ice in front of the on-site power equipment, until the end of the party.

After the 2008 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Branch, Shengyang accumulator has once again become the only standby power supply manufacturer for the 2018 CCTV Autumn Festival Gala, reflecting the CCTV's trust in Shengyang power. The company's on-site service staff said that the reliable quality of Shengyang power supply gives us the opportunity to serve CCTV, we must be professional spirit, excellent quality service to our customers!


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