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山东圣阳蓄电池寿命终止的表现与判断 Performance and Judgment of Life Termination of Shengyang Battery in Shandong Province

The usage time of Shengyang batteries in Shandong Province is far longer than the normal usage time. The normal usage of batteries can be used for more than one year. According to the usage conditions and operation conditions, it can be judged whether the batteries are scrapped or not. When the following phenomena occur, it can be judged that the battery has reached its final working life and should be scrapped.

1. The actual discharge capacity of Shengyang batteries is less than 60% of the rated capacity. Batteries whose performance can not be restored after repair must be scrapped. Generally, when the capacity of storage battery decreases to about 60%, its performance will be greatly attenuated, and it will soon completely lose the capacity of charging and discharging, which is manifested by short time, fast charging and discharging, unable to store electricity, and short discharging time.

2. When the battery is charged, it is heated seriously and the shell is deformed. When the plate of Shengyang battery softens and deforms, the active substance falls off and the electrolyte in the battery blackens, which can not be repaired when the battery is seriously invalid. At this time, the battery charges fast and discharges fast.

3. When the life of the battery is terminated, the voltage and current of the battery are tested with multimeter and ammeter. Their values are very low, and the performance of the battery decreases. Short circuit and circuit break may occur in the battery. New Shengyang battery should be replaced in time.


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